Student Initiatives

We support MIT students in ethical reflection, inquiry and action. As part of our mission, we offer mentoring, logistical support and financial backing to new student initiatives that will make a difference in the world.

Current Student Initiatives

Science for the People

Science for the People is interested in the structure and social implications of scientific research. For instance, how has funding from the military affected the research agenda at places like MIT? Why is relatively little money allocated nationally for climate change research?  Why are there such disparities - in race, gender, and socioeconomic class - in the training and promotion of scientific researchers?

YouthCAN at the Boston Latin School

In 2007, we began mentoring a student club at the Boston Latin School. When the first meeting was organized by BLS History teacher Cate Arnold, we were expecting a few students to show up. Instead, over 80 students packed the room, excited to begin the work of the BLS Youth Climate Action Network (BLSYouthCAN). On May 19, 2008, BLSYouthCAN hosted the first Youth Summit on Climate Change at MIT with more than 225 students attending. With our ongoing support, this annual summit has reached a wide audience of New England high-school students, inspiring a new generation to take action in response to one of the greatest ethical challenges of our time.