"We know so much about the technology of the world. But what we need now is a new technology of the heart."
— Mel King, DUSP Professor Emeritus, February 2013

At Radius, our mission is to find that technology of the heart, the ethical center that holds us together in the midst of diversity and change.

Radius is not simply a series of programs. It is a community of scholars and citizens who care deeply about the role of science and technology in bringing about positive change. We invite creative, courageous thinking about how humans choose to use powerful technologies and whose interests these innovations serve.

Radius is a ministry of the Episcopal Chaplaincy at MIT, and grows out of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts’s commitment to peace, justice, and upholding human dignity. Our programs reach across cultural and philosophical divides to serve the whole community at MIT and beyond. 

Radius is an initiative of the Technology and Culture Forum, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2014.