Society in (Trans)ition: Gender and Social Change (Co-Sponsorship)

Saturday, April 20, 2024 - 9:00am

This workshop, sponsored by the MIT Philosophy and Women's and Gender Studies departments and co-sponsored by Radius, will bring scholars from across the humanities and social sciences together with local grassroots activists, in order to foster a dialogue about the nature of social transformation and change, and how we can most effectively bring it about, with a specific focus on gender.

We believe that in light of the current political climate – whether it is the nationwide struggle around reproductive justice, the multitude of anti-LGBTQ+ bills making their way through state legislatures, or the longstanding epidemic of violence against Black and Brown trans women – such conversations are of the utmost importance, and that they can only be productively had if both perspectives from multiple academic disciplines and perspectives from community stakeholders are brought into contact.
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