The Power of Protest: A Film Screening: "The Boys Who Said No"

Wednesday, May 4, 2022 - 7:00pm

PLEASE NOTE: This film screening will be held in-person in Room 32-141 (with refreshments) and live streamed. REGISTRATION for virtual attendance HERE. For non-MIT-Community members, please email for information regarding in-person registration (Covid protocols). Thank you!

Please join us for a film screening of this powerful and compellig documentary. The Boys Who Said No offers valuable lessons in what it takes to change the direction of national policy and for the voices of  protest to be heard. Most importantly, the film demonstrates how moral courage is catching, how taking a stand encourages others to do the same, and how speaking out can reverberate through a whole country.

The Boys Who Said No is a riveting panorama of draft resistance in the Vietnam War--complete with historical events including the shooting at Kent State and The Pentagon Paper. The film contains fascinating footage of the political figures of the day such Martin Luther King, and Joan Baez and Daniel Ellsberg  (not to mention Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon), as well as hundreds of college students across America.

Professor Emeritus Ruth Perry will make introductory remarks and moderate the post-screening discussion. Mr. Robert Eaton, a protester featured in the film, will be our guest for questions and discussion.