The Politics of Defense Spending: Science, Profits, and Endless Wars

Tuesday, January 14, 2020 - 5:30pm


Subrata Ghoshroy

Research Affiliate, Program in Science, Technology and Society

Yarden Katz

Departmental fellow in Systems Biology at the Harvard Medical School

THIS IS A THREE-PART SERIES; NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED:  Click here for the VIDEO and click here for the SLIDES from the January 7th program, The Politics of Defense Spending, by Subrata Ghoshroy. 

Yarden Katz will be presenting on January 14: AI: A Nebulous, Imperial Technology. Here is the VIDEO of the program.  Go here to read Dr. Katz's white paper, Manufacturing an Artificial Intelligence Revolution.

 Subrata Ghoshroy will be presenting Defense R&D, Science, Profits, and Boondoggles on January 21.

The US federal government spends billions of dollars each year on highly questionable warfare and unncessary anti-missle systems that don't work. In addition, there is a plan to spend an additional $1 trillion on upgrading and developing the US nuclear arsenal. Join us for a three part series as we explore the politics of defense spending, the hype and reality of artificial intelligence and the science, profits and waste of US defense R&D. 

Subrata Ghoshroy is a former Congressional Science Fellow and member of the Professional Staff of the House Armed Services Committee. In addition to his position as a Research Affiliate in MIT's  Program in Science, Technology and Society,  he is currently a Visiting Professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. 

Yarden Katz is a Departmental Fellow in Systems Biology at the Harvard Medical School. He received his PhD in Course 9 from MIT in 2014. 

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