The Politics of Defense Spending: Science, Profits, and Endless Wars

Tuesday, January 14, 2020 - 5:30pm


Subrata Ghoshroy

Research Affiliate, Program in Science, Technology and Society

Yarden Katz

Departmental fellow in Systems Biology at the Harvard Medical School


 Subrata Ghoshroy: January 7th: The Politics of Defense Spending.  Here is the VIDEO and Go here for the SLIDES from the  program.

Yarden Katz: January 14: AI: A Nebulous, Imperial Technology. Here is the VIDEO of the program.  Go here to read Dr. Katz's white paper, Manufacturing an Artificial Intelligence Revolution.

Subrata Ghoshroy: January 21: Defense R&D, Science, Profits, and Boondoggles. Here is the VIDEO of the program.

The US federal government spends billions of dollars each year on highly questionable warfare and unncessary anti-missle systems that don't work. In addition, there is a plan to spend an additional $1 trillion on upgrading and developing the US nuclear arsenal. Join us for a three part series as we explore the politics of defense spending, the hype and reality of artificial intelligence and the science, profits and waste of US defense R&D. 

Subrata Ghoshroy is a former Congressional Science Fellow and member of the Professional Staff of the House Armed Services Committee. In addition to his position as a Research Affiliate in MIT's  Program in Science, Technology and Society,  he is currently a Visiting Professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. 

Yarden Katz is a Departmental Fellow in Systems Biology at the Harvard Medical School. He received his PhD in Course 9 from MIT in 2014. 

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