Has Silicon Valley Lost Its Humanity?

Thursday, November 30, 2017 - 5:15pm


Noam Cohen

Former New York Times technology columnist and author of The Know-It-Alls

Jeffrey Howe

Northeastern University assistant professor of journalism and Wired Magazine contributing editor

Silicon Valley innovations have given rise to a class of tech titans wielding immense economic and political influence, and has paved the way for a cultural shift towards individualism with historically little regard for marginalized groups left in the wake.

Noam Cohen, a former New York Times technology columnist and author of The Know-It-Alls, argues that this type of disruption often flies in the face of empathy, civility, and even democracy itself, leading to problems ranging from the rise of fake news to the growing divide between the “haves” who benefit from these technologies and everyone else. Cohen joins Northeastern University assistant professor of journalism, Wired Magazine contributing editor, and author of WhiplashJeff Howe for a moderated panel that focuses on the ethical push and pull between the drive for innovation and preserving our own humanity and moral codes.

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