Global Peace and Insecurity: A Seminar Series

Fall 2020: Tuesdays: 12noon-1:30pm US EDT (12-13.30)

The world is facing an unprecedented crisis on several fronts. Lack of leadership by the United States has intensified many flash points around the world including nuclear threats and the abandonment of arms control negotiations, bio-safety, climate change, food insecurity, instability and tensions in the East, and increased pressure from nationalists and extremists at home and abroad. This seminar will capture a subset of these critical issues facing humanity and the planet. All programs will require pre-registration. Please check each program for registration link. 

Seminar Organizer and Moderator: SUBRATA GHOSHROY, Research Affiliate, MIT'S  PROGRAM IN SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND SOCIETY.  GO HERE for a recent paper by Mr. Ghoshroy published in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists that examines American Congressional bipartisan support of missile defense.


MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 28*   SPECIAL SEMINAR (Note: different day): Is Third Party Mediation Necessary for Resolution of the Dispute in Kashmir?

Hon. Shireen Mazari, Minister of Human Rights, Pakistan

Hon. Mani Shankar Aiyar, Former Cabinet Minister, Congress Party leader, veteran diplomat, first Consul General of India to Pakistan, writer, and political commentator

GO HERE for a video archive of this program. Our apologies--the recording did not initiate until approximately 15 minutes into the program.  Full transcript is available here.


TUESDAY, OCTOBER 6: Whither US – Russia Nuclear Arms Control?

Vladimir Kozin, Ph. D., Member of two Russian Academies, Military, and Natural Sciences; author of 16 monographs on arms control

GO HERE for a video recording of this program.  GO HERE to see the slides from the program. 


TUESDAY, OCTOBER 13: Accidents, mistakes and COVID-19: Risks and Necessity of High-Level Biosafety Labs

Monica Zoppe, Ph. D., Institute of Biophysics, Italian National Research Council (CNR), Milan, Italy

MODERATOR: Professor Jonathan King

GO HERE for a video of this program. GO HERE for slides from this program.


TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20: The Bang and the Bucks:  Post-9/11 Military Spending and the Shortchanging of Other Urgent Needs

Heidi Peltier, Ph. D, Director, 20 Years of War Project, Boston University

GO HERE for the video recording.  GO HERE for slides. 


TUESDAY, OCTOBER 27:  Biden or Trump: What’s at Stake on November 3?

Noam Chomsky, Institute Professor, MIT and Professor of Linguistics, University of Arizona

GO HERE for a video of this program. The program was cut short because of technical issues experienced by Professor Chomsky. The Rev. Thea Keith Lucas, Coordinator of Radius and the MIT Interim Chaplain to the Institute, welcomed attendees and introduced the program and Subrata Ghoshroy, the moderator. 

Here is a VIDEO of the FOLLOW-UP conversation with Professor Chomksy and Subrata Ghoshroy. 


TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 3: Climate Change and International Security

Juergen Scheffran, Head of the Research Group Climate Change and Security, University of Hamburg, Germany

GO HERE for a video of this program.

GO HERE for slides. 


TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 10: The Non-Proliferation Treaty at 50: A Mid-Life Crisis?

Speaker: Paul Meyer, Adjunct Professor, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver; Former Canadian Ambassador for Disarmament

Go HERE for a video of this program.

Go HERE for slides.

GO HERE for a recent white paper written by Professor Paul Meyer in SAGE, "Overcoming the NPT’s “institutional deficit”: A Canadian Saga"; Senior Advisory, ECT4Peace, Chair, Canandian Pugwash Group


**TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 6:00PM-7:30PM EST PLEASE NOTE DIFFERENT TIME:  Ten Years After Fukushima: The Future of Nuclear Power in Japan

Speaker: Jun Tateno, Ph.D., Executive Director, Nuclear and Energy-Related Information Center (NERIC), Tokyo, Japan

Response by Dr. Marvin Miller, MIT's Program in Science, Technology and Society

Go HERE to watch the video. 

Please contact Patricia-Maria Weinmann ( if you are interested in seeing the slides from this presentation. The file is too large to upload to this site.


TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 24: What’s Next for the US-India Strategic Partnership?

Dr. George PerkovichOlivier and Nomellini Chair, Vice President for Studies, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; author of India’s Nuclear Bombco-author of Not War, Not Peace?

Prof. Vipin Narang, Associate Professor of Political Science, MIT; member of MIT's Security Studies Program
Go here for the video of this program.


TUESDAY, DECEMBER 1: Missile and Nuclear Insecurity in East Asia

Masako Ikegami, Ph. D., Professor, School of Environment and Society, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

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This program was co-sponsored with MIT's Program in Science, Technology and Society. For information about the series, please contact Subrata Ghoshroy at or Patricia-Maria Weinmann at