Being, Thinking, Doing (Or Not!): Ethics in Your Life

Tuesday, February 6, 2018 - 7:00pm

This spring semester, we continue to host our undergraduate ethics seminar, Being, Thinking, Doing (Or Not!): Ethics in Your Life, in cooperation with the MIT Philosophy Department (Course 24.191 in Room 32-D461 from 7:00-8:30pm). Philosophy Professor Sally Haslanger will be co-hosting the class with Patricia-Maria Weinmann of Radius.

This weekly seminar introduces students to the field of ethics, with a focus on the daily choices we can make to create a more just world. The seminar helps students build relationships, investigate ethical problems, share resources, and clarify their personal and vocational principles. The course also introduces students to the work of guest scholars representing a variety of disciplines and topics including philosophy, economics, environmental studies, racism, the criminal justice system, the ethics of international development, and the role of activism in building an equitable society for all.  A delicious dinner is served each week!

What students say about our ethics seminars:

  • “This class provided me with a foundation and vocabulary to be able to articulate my thoughts.”
  • “I really value that I got to talk with other students—especially those who didn’t think the same way I do. It was helpful to find common ground.”
  • “When I would hear other students’ thoughts, it would shake me up.”
  • “This class gave me the opportunity to study ethics in an applied way using solid information—great combination of facts and ethics!”
  • “I loved the different voices and opinions.”
  • “Now I have to figure out how to sustain my awareness and commit to change.”