Reducing the Threat of Nuclear War: Rebuilding a Broader Movement

Saturday, January 29, 2022 - 2:00pm


With Congress appropriating funds for new and upgraded nuclear weapons and delivery systems, the need to counter these misguided policies has become acute. The 2022 Conference will follow the general pattern of previous conferences, but with increased emphasis on coordinating efforts of advocates, and expanding outreach to organizations and constituencies outside the world of nuclear disarmament advocates.

2:00 pm: Welcome - Rev. Thea Keith-Lucas, MIT Chaplain to the Institute; Coordinator, MIT Radius

2:05 pm: Background and Tasks of this Conference - Jonathan King

2:10pm:  Dangers and Costs: Chair - Susan Mirsky

  • Prohibiting First Use of Nuclear Weapons - Elaine Scarry
  • Resisting a New Cold War with China - Joseph Gerson
  • How the Nuclear Weapons Manufacturers Influence Policy - William Hartung
  • A Moral Fusion Movement to Change the Political Landscape- Shailly Gupta Barnes

3:15: Paths Forward:  Chair - Jean Athey

  • Barriers to Policy Change - Phyllis Bennis
  • Prospects for Changing U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policies - Joe Cirincione
  • Role of the Congressional Progressive Caucus in Promoting Nuclear Disarmament - Larry Cohen

4:00 Break

4:10 pm: Breakouts Sessions: SEE BELOW FOR FULL LISTING

5:15 pm-6:00pm: Moving Outward: Chair - Jodie Evans

  • Prospects for Change in the US House - Representative Barbara Lee (recorded video message)
  • Prospects for Change in the US Senate -Senator Edward Markey (recorded video message)
  • Moving our Ideas into Political Action  - Medea Benjamin

Breakout Sessions: (4:15 - 5:00 pm): These are focused working groups planning for 2022. "Reporters" to provide summary of proposals  from each session for circulation to registrants and co-sponsoring organizations.

A. Growing in New Congressional Districts:  Chair – Aaron  Chapell (Our Revolution). Panelists - John Isaacs (Council for a Livable World); David Borris (Chicago Area Peace Action), Noah Sandweiss-Back (Poor People’s Campaign), Jean Athey (Maryland Peace Action), Prof. Ed Loechler (Force Multipliers, Boston). (Reporter-Drew King)

B. Promoting Nuclear Disarmament in Rotary Clubs: Chair -Frances Jeffries. Panelists  - Ann Frisch;  Helen Peacock (Pivot2Peace Canada). (Reporter- Peter Metz)

C. Promoting Nuclear Disarmament within Communities of Faith: Chair - Sofia Wolman. Panelists Mark Moran (Pax Christi), Nicholas Mele (Pax Christi USA). Keith Harvey (AFSC). (Reporter-Louise Coleman)

D. Advancing the Back From the Brink Resolution: Chair - Denise Duffield (LA-PSR). Panelists - Dr. Ira Helfand (PSR), Anna Baker (GBPSR), Jackie Cabasso (Mayors for Peace), Dennis Carlone (Cambridge City Council). (Reporter– Jeannie Winner)

E. Advancing No First Use Legislation: Chair- Steve Gallant. Panelists- Elaine Scarry (CPDCS), Kennette Benedict (Bulletin), Dave Pack (Kansas City). (Reporter- Steve Slaner)

F. Cutting the Budget for New Nuclear Weapons: Chair – Carley Towne. Panelists -  Monica Montgomery (CLW), David Swanson (World Beyond War); Williams Hartung (Quincy Institute). (Reporter - Richard Krushnic )

G. Resisting a New Cold War and Promoting International Treaties: Chair - John Ratliff (Mass Peace Action). Panelists - Joseph Gerson (Campaign for Peace, Disarmament and Common Security);  Ralph Hutchison (Oak Ridge Peace Alliance); Drew Baldwin (Northeastern University). (Reporter – Mike Van Elzakker)

H.Fund Healthcare Not Warfare; Recruiting in the Public Health Community: Chair – Amar Ahmad (FHCNW) . Jonathan King (MAPA), Dr. Robert Gould (San Francisco PSR); Catherine DeLorey (Women’s Health Institute); Martin Fleck (PSR); Vaughn Goodwin (1199SEIU). (Reporter-Louise Parker)

I. Recruiting on Campuses: Chair; Prof. Robert Redwine (MIT). Panelists - Prof. Stewart Prager (Princeton), Margaret Engel (PANYS), Kareem King (Harvard BSA), Prof. Edmund Bertschinger (MIT Physics); Prof. Gary Goldstein (Tufts U), Liz Bajjalieh, (Student Network Director, Chicago Area Peace Action), (Reporter – William Moon)

J. No Wars, No Warming; Chair-  Rev. Bob Moore (NJ). Panelists - Ed Aguilar (CFPA), Rosalie Anders (MAPA), Nick Rabb (Sunrise), Diane Fine (350 MA), Vernon Walker (CREW). (Reporter – Yeva Khranovska, Mass Peace Action )

K. Mobilizing Cultural Workers, Musicians and Artists: Chair – Jim Anderson: Panelists -  Eva Moseley (Mass Peace Action), Kathie Malley-Morrison (Boston University); Mel Hardy (Millenium Arts DC); Andre DeQuadros  (Boston University). (Reporter – Jack Snyder)

L. Working with Our Revolution Chapters: Chair: Martha Karchere (Our Revolution MA). Panelists -  Rand Wilson (Our Revolution, Somerville); Carolyn Magid (OR-Cambridge); Hal Ginsberg (Our Revolution, Maryland); (Reporter - Jared Hicks)

M. Working with Poor People’s Campaign Chapters ( Chair - Maryellen Kurkulos (Mass Peace Action). Panelists - Jodie Evans (CodePINK), Rosemary Kean (MAPA), Martha Speiss (Maine PA), Anne Cassebaum (NC). (Reporter- Steve Powell (MaPPC)

N. Designing Direct Actions, Including Divestment: Chair – Susan Mirsky.  Panelists - Susi Snyder (Don’t Bank on the Bomb Europe); Rev. Paul Dordal (PA), Paul Shannon (AFSC), David Swanson (World Beyond War), Jonathan Daly-Labelle (Just Peace Rhode Island), Olivia diNucci (Code Pink), Rebecca Irby (New Detroit, WILPF)(Reporter – Christopher Spicer)

O. Working with State Legislators: Chair – Bonnie Gorman.  Panelists – Rep. Mike Connolly (Cambridge/Somerville); Rep. Carol Doherty (Taunton); Sayre Sheldon (WAND)

Co-Sponsors: Campaign for Peace, Disarmament and Common Security; CodePINK Institute for People’s Engagement; Mass Peace Action; MIT Radius; MIT Faculty Newsletter; Nuclear Weapons Education Campaign; Student Pugwash USA, Nuclear Disarmament Coordinating Committee, Coalition for Peace Action

Program Committee: Jonathan King, Susan Mirsky, Robert Redwine, Amar Ahmad, Patricia-Maria Weinmann

Thanks to the Amy Rugel Giving Fund and Norris Rugel Giving Fund for financial support.