Voicing Your Concern

Over the past few months, concern has been increasing regarding MIT's decision-making process and the lack of transparency and community input. The recent events leading up to the three-day celebration for the "ethically centered" College of Computing and the invitation of Henry Kissinger to our campus created a storm of protest, led by a concerned group of MIT students, staff and faculty.

Meanwhile, dismay over MIT's relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the decision to continue all ties with the Kingdom, despite its direct role in creating a devastating humanitarian crisis in Yemen and the brutal murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, has spurred many in the community to take action. These actions include hosting educational events throughout the semester and submitting a public letter to the corporation. 

An invitation to sign the letter, with a link to the letter, is below. We ask you to consider the ethical implications of this complex relationship and to explore ways to encourage the MIT administration to create an ethical framework that truly considers the moral implications of the Insitute's actions.


Dear Members of the MIT Community:

A group of faculty, staff, students, and alums have composed a letter to the MIT Corporation concerning MIT's ongoing financial relationships with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its state-controlled subsidiaries, specifically Saudi Aramco, SABIC, and KACST.  Some of the background that has prompted this action is included in the letter, and additional information with links to other letters, reports, news articles, and such can be found here.

We invite you to sign the letter to express your support for the termination of these specific financial ties to Saudi Arabia, and for greater transparency in decisions concerning MIT's research partnerships and investments.