A Time for Slowing Down--A Least a Little

The last of the graduation and alumni activities are now over and MIT has taken on a quiet calm--temporarily. The campus will be full of children soon as summer camp begins. In the meantime, there is this lovely lull.

As always, we have had a full and stimulating year. We have collaborated with a wide variety of constituents and colleagues, departments and programs, throughout the campus. This has created deep and rich dialogue and has spurred action on a number of fronts; the undergraduate students who enroll in our ethics seminar continue to amaze and inspire.

As we work on programming for the coming academic year, we give thanks for all of our colleagues, to our friends and supporters and, most importantly, to all the people-students, faculty, staff, neighbors--who choose to show up and take part in these challenging conversations.  We hope your summer brings some time for reflection and fun.