Reducing the Risk of a Nuclear Catastrophe

This Saturday, Radius will be co-hosting an all-day conference focusing on reducing the risks of a nuclear event. Did you know that....

  • There are approximately 17,300 nuclear weapons in the world today 
  • The US nuclear arsenal comprises 7,700
  • 11 US nuclear weapons have been lost and never recovered
  • Russia and the US have approximately 1,800 nuclear weapons on "high alert" that can be launched within 15 minutes of a launch order
  • The US Department of Defense will spend at least $16 billion this year on its nuclear deterrent program, including command and control systems
  • In the next decade, the Congressional Budget Office's projected cost for the US nuclear forces will be $355 billion--that's over a $1trillion in a 30 year time span!

The conference on Saturday will address these issues and more. We have an incredible program planned for the day. Topics include: Costs and Profits from Nuclear Weapons Manufacture, Reasons to Reject the Trillion Dollar Nuclear Weapons Escalation, Dangers of Hair Trigger Alert, Nuclear Modernization vs. National Security, Accidents and Unexpected events, Housing and Mass Transit vs. Bombs, and Education as a National Priority, plus Congressional Steps Toward Nuclear Disarmament with U. S.  Representative Barbara Lee and Maintaining the Iran Nuclear Agreement  with Ernest Moniz, CEO, Nuclear Threat Initiative; former U.S. Secretary of Energy. 

Lunch will be provided.For complete information, go to our Programs page. For registration information, please click here.