Quitting Facebook Cold Turkey

I recently read a blog posting by Jason Theibeault, Senior Director of Marketing Strategy, Limelight Networks, entitled Why I Just Quit Facebook .  Although Mr. Theibeault's career necessitates being digitally connected, he realized that being connected 24/7 was taking over his life.  So he quit Facebook cold turkey.

Although he doesn't receommend cutting all digital ties, he recommends a number of strategies to get hold of the technology instead of the technology having a hold on us.  These are simple, yet powerful strategies:

  • Set boundaries
  • Keep yourself logged out
  • Reduce network size

Setting boundaries, the first strategy, says it all to me.  If we set times throughout the day and night and put our mobile devices away, we allow ourselves a few minutes to do....nothing. Absolutely nothing.  Take a few minutes, notice your surroundings--visually and aurally--and breathe.  If you're walking from point A to point B, resist all temptation to take out your phone. Walk, breathe, and notice.  Notice the sky, trees, buildings, shapes, textures.  When temptation hits, notice some more.  And keep breathing. Taking time to notice will allow you space to reflect and dream.

Throughout the academic year, Radius will be exploring ways in which we can set boundaries and allow ourselves some space.  You may want to check out our dinner series, Work on Purpose, starting on October 20.  These dinners will allow you to take the time and space to think about your work and your place in that work and the world.