MIT Day of Action!


A year ago, a group of MIT students, faculty and staff joined together to create a day of learning focused on critical issues of our times. The day provided a full calendar of lectures, panels and information sessions on topics ranging from nuclear disarmament, sustainabiilty, foreign, national and economic policy, climate change, social justice issues, activism and many more. The day was an incredible success with over 1500 people participating throughout the day and evening.

This year's Day of Action, on April 17, will once again provide the MIT community and our neighbors the opportunity to come together, learn and--most importantly--create networks  for action to help bring about meaningful change in our society. 

We at Radius are proud to be a co-sponsor of this important day at MIT. For over 50 years, Radius has been creating opportunities for the MIT community to consider these critical issues and to seek ethical solutions to injustice and inequity in our society. Indeed, almost all of the acute challenges that will be explored and examined on April 17 stem from a lack of serious ethical reflection and practice. This day is a wonderful opportunity to gain knowledge, create synergies and create and build approaches to action that will move our society and our world towards a better future for all.

Here is a full schedule of events. Please join us!