The Social and Economic Cost of Endless Wars

Friday, April 26, 2019 - 2:00pm

Join us for a half-day conference examining the cost of US wars and conflicts and exploring ways in which these funds can be used to create a more sustainable, equitable and just society and world.


Friday, April 26, 2 – 5:30 pm, 34-101, 50 Vassar Street, MIT
{Italics if invited, not confirmed]
2:00 pm: Welcome: Jonathan King
2:15 pm: Opening Panel:
-  The Costs of War – Prof. Neta Crawford (Boston University);  
-  The Bloated Pentagon Budget - William Hartung (Center for International Policy); 
              -  Saudi Military Aggression in Yemen - Michael Page (Human Rights Watch);
              -  The Increasing Risk of Nuclear War – [Elaine Scarry, Harvard University].
3:00 pm: Emerging Responses:
                         Chair: Cole Harrison (Mass Peace Action)
-       Build Bridges not Bombs; Bringing Nuclear Disarmament into the State Legislature – [Rep Nika Elugardo Mass State Legislature]
-       Don’t Bank on the Bomb – Divesting from Nuclear Weapons Manufacture - Rep. Mike Connolly (Mass State Legislature) 
-       Bringing the Moral Revival to Massachusetts- Savina Martin (Poor Peoples Campaign)   
-       The Intensifying Struggle for Affordable Housing – [Chuck Collins Institute for Policy Studies)
-       Massachusetts  Battles to Protect and Promote Public Education - Andrew King (UMass Boston) 
3:45 – Workshops: 
-       A) Organizing on Campuses: Facilitator, Brian Garvey, MAPA; Zac Bears (PHENOM); Alice Pote (MIT/anti-Saudi Coalition); Gabby Ballard (MIT Students Against War); Paul Shannon (AFSC)    
-       B) Nuclear Disarmament Initiatives: Facilitators, Joseph Gerson and Michelle Cunha; Jerrold Ross (MAPA); Prof. Aron Bernstein (MIT)        
-       C) Moral and People’s Budget: Connecting Battles for Economic Justice with Reducing Pentagon Spending: Facilitator, Jared Hicks (Our Revolution); Andrea Burns (MAPA); Andrew King (UMass Boston); John Ratliff (Senior Action); William Hartung (Institute for International Policy).
-       D) The Continuing Links between Militarism and Racism: Facilitator, Rosemary Kean (MAPA); Savina Martin (Poor People’s Campaign); Caesar Mc Dowell (MIT))
5:00: Report backs from Workshops
                    5:15 PM: Closing Keynote: TBA 
                    5:30 Adjourn