Labor Law for the Rank and File

Tech workers are getting organized: here's a chance to learn how to use the law when it's on your side, and avoid it when its against you.

There are always risks involved when workers take action to improve conditions in their workplace. Lawyers are expensive and often inaccessible, so it’s important for workers to educate themselves to the basics of the law before taking action. Labor Law for the Rank and Filer provides an introduction to existing labor law in the United States, and is of particular use for workers who are beginning to wade into organizing efforts and campaigns. In this session, we’ll examine some relevant aspects of the law, and also create a space to discuss recent actions taken by workers at tech companies as they pertain to existing labor laws.

Optional prep reading here:

This event is closed to press and off the record (including no recording devices).

This event is co-sponsored with the Tech Workers Coalition.