Organizing Women: A Film Series

October 17th and 24th and November 1st and 7th

Join us for "Organizing Women", a series featuring five films that offer stories of women organizing for better job conditions and also, en route to that goal, for more parity in their personal lives. The series shows how those with the least power in a society can hold those with power to account if they use their leverage well. These are stories of courage, idealism, and victory through patience and solidarity. When women act together they have the power to change the world.

The films, Norma Rae and Clean It (October 17), 9-5 (October 24), Made in Dagenham (November 1), and Pride (November 7) will be shown in 6-120 at 7pm. We will host a guest following each film for conversation and discussion. Refreshments will be served! Please note that all films will be shown on Tuesday with the exception of November 1 (Wednesday).

Co-sponsored with MIT Program in Women's and Gender Studies.