Exploring the Thanksgiving Myth

Monday, November 21, 2022 - 7:00pm


Samantha Maltais


Co-sponsored by NASA and Addir

Please RSVP if you'd like some food!

Decolonize your mind with dinner and dialogue. Educate yourself about the original stewards of the land we are occupying.

One of the most important parts of the decolonization process is education! Radius aims to provide participants with a space to learn, and expand their understanding of how settler-colonialism has affected the Indigenous communities of New England. 

The mythology around Thanksgiving is the same mythology that permeates through all settler-approved historical narratives. This event could serve as a good introduction to identifying these narratives for what they are, and lead one down a path of rediscovery, recognizing the difficult realities littered throughout this nation’s history.

Colonialism is an ideology that affects us all, and we must unite against it for the species survival. Eurocentric gender norms, other societal constructs based on domination, and even aspects of globalization are all heads on the hydra we face each day. Use this dinner to begin your Herculean struggle against the beast.