Fossil Free MIT

Fossil Free MIT is an MIT-recognized student group made up of MIT undergrads, grad students, postdocs, faculty, staff and alumni. From physicists to architects, nano-engineers to urban planners, and attorneys to activists, their backgrounds and interests are diverse and international.

"We are brought together by shared concerns for the burgeoning dangers of man-made climate change, but, in equal measure, by a sense of shared opportunity to rise with the occasion. In academic communities such as MIT, scientific literacy and widespread acceptance of human-caused climate change do not generally translate into action. Here is an opportunity to galvanize a sense of generational mission in an all-too-often apathetic youth who, if energized and unleashed, wield a megaphone to public opinion and immense capacity to effect change. This is a time for 21st century heros and Fossil Free MIT hopes to be MIT’s call to arms."