2019 Begins

As the first full week of January begins, we here at Radius return to the work at hand. At the moment, most pressing is the complex issue of MIT's relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the January 15 deadline to express your opinion. Prior to our program on December 6 on this topic, we posted a blog which we link here.  On the day of our program, Associate Provost Lester released his initial report to President Reif on preliminary findings regarding this relationship. Although Provost Lester acknowledges that there are difficulties inherent in the partnership with the KSA, his conclusion is that MIT should continue on its current course. As mentioned, the Associate Provost has given the MIT community until January 15 to respond to the letter. Radius is urging the MIT community to take time and write to the Provost. Here is a link to our program page with additional information and resources. The email address is comments-ksareview@mit.edu.

We, as a community, have the opportunity to encourage ethical and throughtful reflection not only on this urgent issue but so many more that are facing us as an educational community and as engaged citizens of this country and this planet. Please join us throughout IAP and the semester as we continue to explore ways in which we can support and encourage MIT’s mission of advancing science and education to “best serve the nation and the world”. 



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